Hayride was the legendary Grand Ole Opry-style radio, and later television, program which originated from Shreveport’s Municipal Auditorium and featured up and coming and established country musicians and singers. Presley made his first appearance on the program on Oct. Julien’s says the Sept. Elvis, then 20, signed the paperwork in red ink, with his parents as witnesses. Presley performed only 18 of those Saturdays,” according to the item description. According to the auction house, after manager Col.

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Died January 29, Born July 6, Born October 14, Died February 25, Born July 20, Died September 13,

Kat Von D dated Alex Orbison in the past, but they broke up in March, Kat Von D dated Alex Orbison for 6 months. Kat Von D is currently married to Rafael Reyes.

The Rick Dees Papers span the years , to , and include undated material. The various materials included here chronicle Dees’ career as a popular radio personality and a late night talk show host. The photographic materials, which include photographs, slides, and negatives, comprise the largest portion of the collection and include images of Dees’ late night talk show Into the Night and showcase television personalities of the era and musicians, including James Brown.

This collection gives researchers a look into Dees’ career as well as his private life. His awards, certificates of recognition, and the magazine clippings showcase his level of success, while the photographs and correspondence give insight to his personal life. Seen in a broader context, the collection provides a look at the career of disc jockeys from the mid s to the early s and the recognition and career opportunities that were afforded them. The James Brawley Collection spans the years to and includes undated material, with the bulk of the material dating between and The collection primarily consists of bootleg audiocassette tapes Brawley recorded at various rock concerts, mostly in New York City.

Each audiocassette has a corresponding note card.

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The Dukes of Hazzard: Hogg better known as “Boss” Hogg is a fictional character featured in the American television series, The Dukes of Hazzard. He was the greedy, unethical commissioner of Hazzard County. Boss Hogg always wore an all-white suit with a white cowboy hat and regularly smoked cigars.

May 25,  · (25 March – 6 December ) (his death) (2 children) Roy Kelton Orbison Jr. born October 18, and Alex Orbie Orbison May 25, At 18 years old, Barbara met the year-old Orbison when he asked friends to introduce him to her at a .

Her father had Irish and Norwegian ancestry, and her mother was from a Jewish immigrant family. Jennifer grew up in Brooklyn Heights, just across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan, except for the four years her parents spent in Woodstock, New York. Back in Brooklyn Heights, she attended St. A close friend of the family was an advertising executive. When Jennifer was ten, he suggested that her parents take her to a modeling audition.

She began appearing in newspaper and magazine ads among them “Seventeen” magazine , and soon moved on to television commercials. A casting director saw her and introduced her to Sergio Leone , who was seeking a young girl to dance in his gangster epic Once Upon a Time in America Although having little screen time, the few minutes she was on-screen were enough to reveal her talent. Her next role after that was an episode of the British horror anthology TV series Tales of the Unexpected in After Leone’s movie, horror master Dario Argento signed her to play her first starring role in his thriller Phenomena The film made a lot of money in Europe but, unfortunately, was heavily cut for American distribution.

She released a single called “Monologue of Love” in Japan in the mid s, in which she sings in Japanese a charming little song with semi-classical instruments arrangement. On the B-side is “Message Of Love,” which is an interview with music in background. She also appeared in television commercials in Japan.

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Down Under, August It was in business only from July to October , issuing singles and no LPs. The August releases consisted of three singles released on the same day by Bip Addison, Sandy Summers, and Anne Shelton, all recorded with the Bee Gees on instruments and backing vocals. All three are very rare today. Maurice on piano strings. Down Under, September

Top Tracks for Roy Orbison Music video by Roy Orbison performing Roy Orbison – Only the Lonely (Monument Concert ). Paul wrote this song for Annette when they were dating. Paul Anka adam and eve Annette Funicello and Teen Idols When he decided to record again, it was one of the most anticipated comebacks in music history. “She’s a.

Joel had told his dad that he had a meeting a week ago with Kyle and his dad at their house to see if he could get Kyle to stop harrassing him for the last l0yrs. Kyle pitched Joel a baseball and he hit it and broke a window when they were little kids. Joel was forced to watch Joel get paddled that day, but he didn’t get spanked because Joel’s dad didn’t believe in spanking Joel and Kyle’s dad didn’t have permission to spank him!

Joel did get a stern lecture from his dad, after Kyle’s dad took him home and Kyle’s dad told Joel’s dad that he needed more then a lecture to teach him when an adult says, “NO, baseball close to the house and garage so a window might not get broken, and that he means it, “No baseball close to the buildings! Kyle even made facial gestures and rubbed the seat of his pants to indicate Joel needed a spanking yet for that day he didn’t get one.

Last week Joel decided enough was enough and decided to confront Kyle’s dad to see if he could get Kyle to stop the harrassment and all the reminding about the broken window for l0yrs. Kyle told his dad, “Joel could get a spanking now and the matter could be forgotten, if he was man enough to do so,” and Kyle’s dad said he agreed and asked Joel and that the matter could be called settled and closed and no more comments about the broken window would be made by Kyle or his dad, so Joel took a paddling on his bare butt that day.

However, since then Kyle kept making comments to remind Joel about the broken widow, facial gestures and rubbing the seat of his butt to indicate, “Joel got a paddling, Joel got a paddling! So when Joel talked with his dad, he gave Kyle’s dad, one of his best friends, a call and the two dad’s thought this matter should be put to rest and settled for good.

So at the meeting Joel presented his case how Kyle has kept on reminding him about the broken window, which he thought was settled after he took the paddling from Kyle’s dad.

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Located once on the street that the side entrance to Kirven’s was on. Where a young Sam Rawl’s waited on you behind the counter. Located on First Avenue, very swanky.

More about the Kat Von D and Tom Green dating / relationship. More about the Kat Von D and Alex Orbison dating / relationship. More about the Kat Von D and Deadmau5 dating / : Mar 08,

Mark Evans is either a former English goalkeeper or the English dub name of Endou Mamoru , who is also a goalkeeper. Michael Evans was the name of the younger son on that series. However, the real-life Evans was not the basis for the fictional Evans. According to The Other Wiki , the series was actually based on the childhood of the series’ other co-creator, Eric Monte.

A video game sergeant? The Other Wiki lists several possibilities. Payback, shares its name with several real life dance clubs. Either way, it’ll stop your plane from flying. Frank Fontaine is the name of both an American comedian, singer, and actor and a businessman and mobster in Rapture. There are two guys named Fred who are widely hated.

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Summary[ edit ] The very beginning of the year saw compilation albums excluded from the UK Albums Chart , and spun off into the new UK Compilations Chart from the week commencing 8 January Albums such as the Now series had regularly dominated the chart since , with often up to 4 of the Number 1’s each year being hit compilations. Now 13 was knocked off the top spot of the albums chart as a result of this new implementation. In the UK Singles Chart , eighteen singles reached number one.

Nov 10,  · JD Souther was born on November 3, in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He was previously married to Alex Sliwin. .

Ever just have one of those days? Where things just go From Bad to Worse? Everything that could go wrong does go wrong? Does the entire universe have it in for you? Or have you just had enough of being Surrounded by Idiots? That’s when you just say to yourself or whoever happens to overhear Someone recites this phrase, or a variant thereof; usually omitting the “freaking” or replacing it with something else , or Someone reaches for the nearest alcoholic beverage, or if he is currently holding one, will down the rest of it in the blink of an eye.

Alternatively, they may pour a glass, pause, and then drink straight from the bottle. While this is similar to Drowning My Sorrows , this is only a temporary solution. If the situation is especially bad, the drink can incite the same reaction as the Beergasm. Once they have the freaking drink, they’re back on their feet with their head securely attached and ready to get back to business.

Someone who needs a freaking drink will never have a Beard of Sorrow , either. If they need nicotine to go with their alcohol they may opt for a Cigarette of Anxiety.

Tom Petty’s daughter posts heartbreaking pics with her dad as she pays tribute to singer who died ag